Glass Beach California

Glass Beach California

California, is an area that has a variety of exciting attractions to visit, when some time ago I’ve written a green sand beach in Hawaii so now I will review on a sandy beach glass that was in California, the beach is very unique This was in MacKerricher National Park, near the City of Fort Bragg, California. sand glass sand may be very strange if not impossible, there is a beach with sand glass, but it is the truth. Glass Beach is a beach with sand glass, along the shore are scattered a lot of rocks glass, but the beach is not just there with a beautiful sand glass with various colors, glass sand beach is formed channeled through a very long process and even the beach was once dubbed “The Dumps” due to a landfill by the local community, at about the 20th century it was de-grade the beach into a landfill by the local community, various types of waste disposed at the beach once this starts from household appliances, cars were bottled up been thrown into this place, even if the garbage has piled up here on the beach there is the burning of garbage, but to reduce the waste that is piled in 1967 the government began to close around this place at once begin to be repaired and cleaned, after several years through the natural process of broken bottles and glass on the beach is transformed into a beautiful stone, when in this place you do not have to worry your feet hit rock splinters of glass because the glass rocks here are flat and smooth. Glass Beach is very interesting to visit the tourists, many of the tourists who visit these shores, most of them visited the beach as curious about this unique natural phenomenon, the first visitors to the beach is free to take a sand glass to take home, but after this beach under the auspices of the National Park MacKerricher the sand should not be taken home by visitors freely because it is in the protection of the park. Although there are rules that prohibit bringing home the sand of this beach, but some visitors are still determined to bring home a beach or a few pieces of stone as a memento

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