Canyonlands National Park

Located in Southeastern Utah, Canyonlands National Park was established on September 12, 1964 with size around 337,598 acres. It is a  United States National Park located in Utah’s Canyon Country.Arches National park is in close proximity to Canyonlands . The small town of Moab is the gateway to this national park. The park charges $5 per individual on foot , bike or motorbike and $10 for private vehicle.   There is no lodging within a national park but numerous hotels can be found on a near town of Moab.

Popular as a recreational destination, Canyonlands holds beauty of one of most amazing land structure you won’t see anywhere else on Earth. For hikers, mountains bikers, backpackers and four wheelers, Canyonlands has so much to offer. As the name suggests, the park has countless numbers of canyons, mesas , buttes and stand stone pillar and additionally offers a wide range of activities to tourist traveling there.

Sediment layer of rocks of different hardness forms unique land structures.The land structures of Canyonlands are due to underlying salt deposits. With the sedimentation of these salts, developed rocks are pushed upward which forms the structure of domes and fracture land. Canyonlands experiences eight inches of rainfall annually, but it varies year after year. Canyonlands National Park is bordered by two rivers Green river and Colorado river and it divides the park into 4 districts: the island in the sky , the needles , the Maze and the rivers themselves.

The island in the sky

Popular with the name, The island in the sky, high mesas rises 2,000 meter above the junction of the two rivers , Green river and Colorado river.  It rises above 1,000 meter high above the surrounding terrain. The island is the easiest district to visit in Canyonlands national park for the tourist. The island in the sky offers many spectacular views along the paved roads. Here, tourists can enjoy both long and short hiking. Both Hiking and four-wheel drive trails are joined with few scattered rural areas for day and over night trips.

How to get there

35 miles away from Moab take US 191 north 12 miles to Utah 312 and move along the southwest for 23 miles to the visitor center.

 The needles

Named after a colorful spired of Cedar Mes standstone, this district lies on the south east corner of Canyonlands. It has only one paved path leading in and out of the district. Tourist can enjoy many long days’ hikes and over night trips. Main attractions of this district are Tower Ruin, Confluence Overlook, Elephant Hill, the Joint Trail, and Chesler Park.

How to get there

75 miles away from Moab, take US 191 south to Utah 211. Process to west for 34 miles to the park entrance.

The Maze

Compared to other districts, this is the most difficult district for tourists to visit in Canyonlands. The remoteness and difficult trails make the travel to this district more time consuming. If you are planning to visit The Maze make sure you have enough days in you vacation list, since this district can easily make your travel a week long.

How to get there

Take I-70 west to Utah 24 from Green River, then move towards south that will take you to a marked dirt road leading 46 miles to Hans Flat Ranger Stati.


Green River and the Colorado rivers head through the heart of the National park Canyonlands , the river forms two deep canyons. Rivers are ideal for canoes, kayaks and other light water craft. The rivers flows depend upon the snowmelt and rainfall and its changes dramatically as the season. Below the junction, river with the combined force and speed creates a stretch of white waster.

When to go there:

For any one planning for a trip to the Canyonlands national park spring and fall are the perfect season. Though humidity is low summer is hot here which often exceeds 100 ° F. For winter is harder due to the snow and cold.

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