Most beautiful landmarks in Asia

10 most beautiful landmarks in Asia

Asia as the world’s largest continent is very rich course with a variety of resources, including natural and cultural richness unusual western world’s attention. Look at how the Asian food has become fashionable in many countries, starting from China food, Japanese sushi, to fried rice from Indonesia who was known everywhere.

Probably not much we know, but Asia has definite 10 places recognized immediately as the places that can only be found in Asia, because of its beauty. These places are well known in the world and known as the 10 Asian Natural Landmark.

1. Mount Fuji (Japanese)

This mountain is an active volcano is the highest in Japan, 3776 meters. Various poems, paintings and other works created for the worship of beauty and splendor of this mountain. Fuji Yama (Yama means mountain in Japanese) are at the border Shizouka and Yamanashi prefectures in western Tokyo. At the time of sunny days in spring and summer, this mountain can be seen clearly from Tokyo or Yokohama. If you want to visit this magnificent mountain, try to come to Japan in around July or August, at the height of summer.

2. Coaral Cluster in the Tubbataha Reef (Philippines)

For you are diving lovers, Tubbataha Reef is a group of obligatory destination if you’re able to visit the Philippines. The ocean is full of coral clusters can be reached easily from the beach Palawan, Philippines. Beautiful place to dive an area of 33,200 hectares is filled with beautiful marine life. But because of its beauty, as a diver, you should be extra careful in the diving, because the balance of reef ecosystems in the clusters is very soft.

3. Stone Forest (CHina)

This one “Forest” really made up of rocks that make up the scenery like a stone forest. This area is located in Yunnan Province, Shilin district, Southwestern China. ‘Tree of Stone’ that make up this forest really seemed to grow from the ground. Rock formations are believed to have existed since 270 million years ago, formed by erosion patterns that come alternately, thus forming the unique rock formations that seemed to grow up like a forest. Kunming station, there is a special tourist train that will take you to enjoy this magical forest.

4. Ayers Rock (Australia)

Although located in the continent of Australia, now in the middle of this land remains in the natural landmarks of Asia. Stone in the original language is called Uluru Aboriginal is located in the Northern Territory, Central Australia. This high stone with a length of 348 meters line of the outer reaches 9.4 kilometers. Uniquely, these stones sometimes seem to change color. The locals advise you not to climb events, but instead, your adventure in this stone can be replaced with a camel ride or look at stones from a height in the helicopter.

5. Beppu Onsen (Japanese)

Hot springs this one has the largest production capacity in Japan. Hot springs in Beppu city, Oita prefecture has its own uniqueness. One of the hot water source dubbed “Hells of Beppu ‘(Hell Beppu), because boiling water and steam that poured from the depths of 200-300 meters from the ground (the source of this burst clearly not for bathing). The beauty of ‘hell’ this one is really interesting for many photographers mengabadikannya.

6. Taroko Gorge (Taiwan)

Although called the Gorge, this does not mean a small or isolated places. Taroko Gorge national park that is centered on the valley along 19 kilometers. The valley is composed of marble and granite rocks, with deep ravines, several waterfalls, mountains and some challenging water flow for exploration. Taroko Gorge is also famous for the production of unique marble that can only be found exclusively in Taiwan.

7. Reed Flute Cave (China)

Name of place (Reed Flute Cave), which is translated as flute Cave Imperata is drawn from the weeds to grow around the mouth of the cave. Underground scene in the cave is very unusual, to say the most beautiful in Asia. Various rock formations, stalactites and stone pillars that seemed to form a view can not be forgotten easily. The cave is located about 5 miles north of Guilin City in Guangxi Province, China is enriched with the effect of extraordinary light, make a variety of rock formations that have increasingly bewitched the audience. Make sure you took time to see the formation of the Dragon and Pagoda Red Curtain when visiting this cave.

8. Huangshan Mountains (China)

Various works of literature and painting capturing the beauty of China Huangshan mountains for several generations. Unique rock formations, waterfalls, pine forests that seemed to grow over the rocks, and clouds that seemed reluctant to leave this mountain peaks make it appear to be one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. If you want to experience an unforgettable sensation, try to go Bright Peak (Bright Summit Peak) summit at sunrise best among a sea of clouds, unforgettable experience is not it?

9. Gobi Desert (Mongolia)

Gobi Desert is the largest desert in Asia, with an area of 1,296,000 square kilometers reaching. Temperatures in the center of this desert are extreme, cruel wind whipping at any time, with a view only of rocks and sand and gravel must be less fun. Even the oasis and the desert life is very rare. In the language of Mongolia, the Gobi means “covered with gravel plains”, and the Gobi desert was very unique. This desert region is divided into five very unique. Eastern Gobi desert steppa, with only grass and sand decorate the surface of the ground, then Plato Alashan semi desert, the Gobi Lakes Valley found only pasture and sand, a semi Valley Junggar desert and mountains of the Tian Shan can you meet in the desert This giant sand.

10. Mount Everest (India)

One of the mountain in the Himalayan mountain range is the world’s highest mountain, this mountain reaches height 8848 meters. Local residents, known as Sherpa mountain called by the name of Chomolungma (Mother Goddess of the World). Expedition to reach the top of Everest can cost up to half a billion rupiah, and the extraordinary proper preparation.

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